Bid Manager role


Ignace Clarysse combines his Senior Project Management and Senior Business Consultant experience in his Bid Manager activities:

Activity Project
Understanding client business,
propose solutions and evaluate benefits:
Select suppliers and subcontractors,
Negotiate, assign and follow-up their activities
Organize and manage bid team,
motivate and follow-up team members
Plan, monitor and follow-up bid-process,
schedule and assign activities,
review, approve and accept results
Define project scope and quality,
estimate project price,
evaluate risks, constraints and issues,
allocate project resources and plan execution
Present, discuss the solution with the client,
convince the client
Communicate with
- internal stakeholders;
- suppliers;
- subcontractors and
- client


Ignace Clarysse ICT bvba/sprl - Profile Ignace ClarysseIgnace Clarysse ICT bvba/sprl - Profile Ignace Clarysse
Company Period Description
Telindus (Belgacom) for Eandis Nov. 2009 - Sep. 2010

Ignace Clarysse was responsible for the SAP outsourcing bids for Eandis, a utility sector company, at Telindus (Belgacom). The outsourcing was structured using the ITIL processes. He was responsible for bids above 100.000 € and his project teams have to deliver one or more bids a week. He was responsible for:

  • The communication with the client,- Eandis,- suppliers as HP, OPNS, Glime, and the resource delivery departments of Telindus and Belgacom;
  • Plan, schedule and monitor resources in the bid-team. The proposals have to be ready within a delay specified by the client;
  • Define the solution, evaluate budget, planning and risks;
  • Quality check and review.

Ignace Clarysse managed proposals for:

  • SAP HR, BW and datawarehousing;
  • IAM;
  • WEB foundations (definition of templates for 2- and 3-tier WEB-applications and the needed infrastructure);
  • Wireless network;
  • Infrastructure.
Atos Origin for different clients Feb. 2000 - Apr. 2009

Ignace Clarysse was responsible for the bid management for the following clients:

  • Borealis, Kallo (Belgium): project management and consultancy for an Asset Life Cycle Management project;
  • DSM, Heerlen (The Netherlands): Processes and application to manage 'continuous improvements cycles';
  • Fluxys, Brussel (Belgium): implementation of 'SmartPlant' suite (Intergraph), an Asset Life Cycle Management Application;
  • Gasterra, Groningen (The Netherlands): extension of a contract management application for gasdistribution;
  • Gasunie, Groningen (The Netherlands);
  • Lucent, Huizen (The Netherlands) & Nurnberg (Germany): PLM application implementation;
  • Philips Consumer Electronics, Eindhoven (The Netherlands): Supply Chain To Industry and PLM project;
  • Wintershall, Rijswijk (The Netherlands): implementation of 'SmartPlant' suite (Intergraph), an Asset Life Cycle Management Application;
  • ...

Ignace Clarysse used the Rainbow method, a specific Atos Origin bid management method based on the Prince2 method.

The method included the following activities:

  • Bid qualification: Evaluate benefits, risks, client to decide to prepare a bid or not;
  • Organize bid team allocating internal and external resources, bid review and approval team;
  • Select suppliers, agree on bid method and activities, and assign activities to the supplier resources;
  • Analyse benefits for client, Atos Origin and suppliers;
  • Plan, monitor and follow-up bid activities inclusive the reviewing activities;
  • ...
Cap Gemini Apr. 1997- Feb. 2000 Ignace Clarysse wrote proposals for Aérospatiale, Airbus, Borealis, FN Herstal, Renault Véhicules Industriels, ...
Cimad Consultants Jan 1990 - Apr. 1997 Ignace Clarysse wrote proposals for NedCar, Raufoss, Volkswagen, Volvo Trucks, ...